About Us

Geddings Family

Stephanie Geddings is the brain behind Red Mountain Goodness. She is a classically trained research scientist who graduated with her Master's in Pharmacology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine. There she did cancer and immunology research. But her heart and passion are in making wholesome, all natural goat milk soap. 

I started making soap for my own family several years ago. I was determined to find a solution to my decades long battle with eczema. After researching the ingredients in commercial soaps (some of the same ingredients I used in my lab work!), I decided there had to be a better answer. I first turned to other handmade soaps but even those were often made with fragrance oils which can contain traces of other chemicals. Thus, I began making my own soaps using only therapeutic grade, steam distilled essential oils and other all natural ingredients. After using the soap for one month, my eczema disappeared! Requests came in from friends and family and we realized that many could also benefit from a good quality, all natural goat milk soap. Friends with skin allergies used our soap with no problems, and those with dry skin reported improvement.

We partnered with a local Animal Welfare Approved goat dairy near our home for the goat milk and scaled up to commercial levels.  Now, from our homestead in Oxford, NC, we now make a selection of soap and shampoo bars using whole goat milk, all natural ingredients and no palm oil.  Surrounded by bee hives, vegetable gardens, fruit trees and flock of laying hens, we can say that our goat milk soap comes from a good home!

Red Mountain Goodness.  Better, softer skin and hair.