Customer Feedback

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"I have my own personal story about your soaps. I'm a diabetic. I do finger sticks to check my blood sugar at least 8 times a day. The tips of my fingers look like a wreck to the point that I've wondered if I even have a finger print anymore. Last time I went to the doctor the nurse took one look at my finger tips and said, "Your poor fingers!" I've just accepted that as part of being a diabetic. Well, since I've been using your soaps, my finger tips have pretty much returned to normal. It's really quite amazing. Visual reminders of the fact that I'm a diabetic are upsetting. So, I'm thrilled about this. I love what your soaps do to my skin but this was an unexpected benefit. Hats off to you -- and many thanks!"  A.D.  Rougemont, NC

"This soap is SO creamy. I use it to wash my face and my skin feels clean and soft afterwards." Susan M. Swannanoa, NC

"In a mere two weeks this soap has already improved the dryness of my skin. It has worked better than soap prescribed by my dermatologist, even my husband has taken notice. Thank you for a great product!"  Karen W. Raleigh, NC

"Recently, I purchased the tea tree version for my adult-acne-covered face - at this point there isn't a chemical in the drugstore/derm office that I haven't tried. I've spent thousands of dollars on this "magic" cleanser and that "effective" cream, but NOTHING has worked like RMG tea tree. In about a week, my face went from pizza to almost completely clear. It sounds like an infomercial, but it's true! You have a fan for life!"  Annie H.  Durham, NC

"I used to use Dove soap on my face, per my dermatologist. I've been using this soap and my face is 'squeaky' clean and creamy soft!"  Jane L. Asheville, NC

"Thank you so much for making wonderful soap that makes my hair feel thick and amazing:)"  Katherine M.  Mebane, NC

"What an absolutely wonderful product you've developed!  I especially love the way the soap lathers up and the luxurious, creamy feel of the soap on my skin.  This is, by far, the best soap I've ever used."  Sandra B.  Chattanooga, TN

"This doctor (I am a physician) recommends Red Mountain Goodness soaps.  I promise they are good for you!" Jim D.  Rougemont, NC

"I have extremely dry skin due to my thyroid medication and the Tea Tree soap has been absolutely wonderful for my skin.  The lather is so rich and creamy, I love the way it feels."  Carla F.  Durham, NC