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At Red Mountain Goodness, we handcraft 100% natural goat milk soaps and shampoo bars at our homestead in Oxford, NC. 

No palm oil is used, or lab created "fragrances".  The result is soap you will love, and you'll feel good about using it too!

For years, I've had this quite uncomfortable skin condition, mostly but not exclusively in the winter, characterized by an annoying, extremely itchy rash.  I've tried prescriptions creams a time or two, with limited success.  But I don't like to put chemicals on my skin, so gave that up.  Then about a month ago I bought a bar of your tea tree oatmeal soap, thinking it wouldn't hurt and might help.  Hallelujah!!  I doubt the rash will ever completely clear up (my dermatologist even has a name for it), but the soap has calmed it down a LOT, and now I'm comfortable.  Yay!!”  Cathy D.  Rougemont, NC   (Click "Customer Feedback" for additional comments)

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Where To Buy?  Here at the Red Mountain Goodness Store, and at a select group of retail locations in North Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia.  For a complete list of stores, please click on "Retail Locations".